What is this project all about?

In the summer of 2023, a Twitter user that goes by the handle @eth_ben compelled the crypto community to send him funds to create a rug-proof crypto launchpad and a new Dex to compete with Uniswap.

He was able to harness the attention of the entire crypto space and, as such, raised a total of 20 million dollars in the space of a few hours.

Shortly after that, @eth_ben descended into chaos, hosting Twitter spaces while being drunk, uttering racist terms, and promoting hate.

This project aims to capture this contentious moment in the blockchain so it leaves a permanent mark in our collective memory.

Why did you create this project at all?

Like many others, I have also lost investment funds to @eth_ben, and while I accept the inherent risks of investing in crypto, I could not simply accept this loss without making a statement about it.

If you want to know more about that, read this tweet.

How did you create these NFTs?

The NFTs in this collection were created using a generative artificial intelligence system and further refined with an image editor.

Is there a community behind this project?

No. This project does not have a community and will never have one.

You are welcome to follow me on Twitter and turn notifications on, as I’m working towards launching new projects in the near future.

Are you launching a crypto token?

No. I’m not. This is an NFT art project. Nothing more, nothing less.

Is there a roadmap for this project?

No, nothing official. I have a few ideas I would like to pursue with this project after launch, but I’m not putting anything into a roadmap.

Is there going to be a mint?

A total of 50 NFTs will be made available for mint at launch. The reminder will be kept in the project vault to be utilised at the project’s discretion.

Each NFT will be priced at 0.005 ETH at the launch stage.

Is this just a cash grab?

No. Have you heard of @eth_ben story? That is what a cash grab looks like.

I missed the mint, where can I get one?

You can purchase an Orange Legacy NFT at the secondary market.